Almost Collapsing Balance
临 界 之 躯 (2020 - Ongoing)


The artist channels her experience of making and performing with marionettes into her sculptures to encompass flexible joints and detachable appendages. Mechanical limits between the joints incarnate a critical state of the mind, granting the sculptures a balanced structure and a static momentum.

︎02 - Almost Hysterical 几近癔狂

Almost Hysterical 几近臆狂, 2020
limewood, silicone, stainless steel
103 x 42 x 49cm

Almost hysterical attempts to depict a subtle state where the extreme emotion is almost uncontrollable. The form of arch - the torso of this work - is Inspired by a clinical graphite depicting the hysteria syndrome by Richer Paul, an anatomist in the late 19th century. The head of the piece looks like a screaming tonsil, while the legs fold to the extreme with their tiptoes slightly touching the ground. The neck and hip are supported by stainless steel railing. The tiny tiptoes provide just the right amount of support from the ground for the piece to stand on its own. However, given the extreme bend of the torso, such balance is fragile and easy to fall apart.

《几近癔狂》尝试表现一种难以控制的强烈情绪表。受19世纪末解剖学家Richer Paul对歇斯底里症的临床研究绘画的启发,我将作品的身躯处理成弧形。头部被表现为尖叫时咽喉内部的形态。双腿被弯折至极限并轻触地面。脖子、臀部受不锈钢栏杆支撑。作品的整体从而形成了一种自我支撑的平衡。