Almost Collapsing Balance
(2020 - Ongoing)

The artist channels her experience of making and performing with marionettes into her sculptures to encompass flexible joints and detachable appendages. Mechanical limits between the joints incarnate a critical state of the mind, granting the sculptures a balanced structure and a static momentum.

︎05 - Stare

Stare, 2022
hand-colored limewood, epoxy resin, stainless steel 
110 x 72 x 50 cm

43 1/2 x 28 1/2 x 19 1/2 in

Stare (2022) depicts a figure examining her own body. She stands on tiptoe to observe her excreta, creating a bizarre sense of intimacy. The shock and uneasiness caused by this predicament of intimacy peak when the work is presented in the public environment of the fair. The peephole in the wall of the booth directs the viewers’ eyes to the sculpture, providing a voyeuristic perspective. The viewers' gaze meets her upward-looking empty eyes, adding another dimension to the work. The posture can be associated with a mundane yet secretive moment, or a standing birth posture, and can also be interpreted as erotic or even defiant. By evoking a complexity of feelings, Liao Wen invites viewers to rethink when the body stops being a natural organism and becomes inevitably bound to societal norms and values.