Almost Collapsing Balance
  (2020 - Ongoing)

The artist channels her experience of making and performing with marionettes into her sculptures to encompass flexible joints and detachable appendages. Mechanical limits between the joints incarnate a critical state of the mind, granting the sculptures a balanced structure and a static momentum.

︎03 - Hesitaion

Hesitation, 2020
limewood, silicone, ruby
106 x 45 x 91 cm

This work presents a slim female body. The bending torso, along with with its limbs, creates an architectural space connected to the ground. Held and protected by a tentacle, the flesh-toned vacuum ballonet hangs from the body rests at the center of the void. The sharp tip of that particular tentacle, made from ruby stone, implies blood and violence to come, while the antenna lightly pokes the surface of the ballonet as if it is about to pierce through. The work depicts a suspended moment when people have to face ideas or situations that they are unfamiliar with or uncertain whether to keep up with.