Liao Wen's artistic practice includes sculpture, video, and performance. Her humanoid sculptures exude both a sense of primordiality and futurism, teetering on the edge of rules and taboo-breaking. She draws inspiration from puppetry, anthropology of ritual and myth, medicine, art history, and everyday norms. Through provocative language, she attempts to contemplate the social order, technology, and the disciplining of power projected onto the body while simultaneously imagining the possibilities of the future body.

Liao Wen (b. 1994 Chengdu) lives and works in Hong Kong. She received her MFA from Central Academy of Fine Arts China in 2019 and her BFA from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute in 2016. Her solo exhibitions include “Naked” Frieze New York (New York, 2023), “Almost Collapsing Balance,” Capsule Shanghai (Shanghai, 2021), and “The Body Knows Silently,” Cai Jin Space (Beijing, 2021). She has participated in group exhibitions “Durian-Durian: Southeast Asian Studies as a Methodology,” The First Trans-Southeast Asia Triennial (Guangzhou, 2023); “Bodies and Souls,” Cassina Projects (Milan, 2023); “Durian on the Skin,” François Ghebaly Gallery (Los Angeles, 2022); “BOOMERANG-OCAT Biennale 2021”, OCT Art & Design Gallery (Shenzhen, 2021); “2nd Women Artists International Biennial of Macau” (Macau, 2020); “She Says”, Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum (Chengdu, 2019) among others. She was one of the finalist artists of the Ducato Prize 2023 and was awarded the Frieze New York Stand prize in 2023. Her works have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Art in America, and Art Newspaper China.

廖雯的艺术实践涵盖雕塑、影像与表演。她创造的那同时具有原始感和未来感的类人类雕塑,以极强的张力摇摆于规则与突破禁忌的边界之上。她汲取来自木偶学、神话-仪式人类学、医药学、艺术史和日常规则的营养。她尝试以颇具挑衅的语言,思考投射到身体之上的社会秩序、技术与权利的规训, 并想像未來身体的可能性。
廖雯1994年出生于成都,现居住于香港,2016年毕业于四川美术学院版画系,2019年从中央美术学院实验艺术学院取得硕士学位。她的个展包括“赤裸裸”,Frieze纽约(纽约,2023); “接近坍塌的平衡”,胶囊上海(上海,2021);“身照不宣”,蔡锦空间(北京, 2021)。近期群展包括“榴莲·榴莲”,首届泛东南亚三年展,广州美术学院美术馆(广州,2023);“Bodies and Souls”,Cassina Projects(米兰,2023);“Durian on the Skin”,François Ghebaly画廊(洛杉矶,2022);“飞去来器-第九届OCAT双年展”(深圳,2021);“2020 ARTFEM 国际女艺术家澳门双年展”(澳门,2020);“她说”,成都当代影像馆(成都,2019)等。她获得2023年Frieze 纽约艺博会的Stand Prize,亦于同年入围2023年意大利Ducato Prize。她的作品被纽约时报、Art in America、艺术新闻(中文版)等刊物报道。