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The Way of the Body

by Manuela Lietti
L'Essenziale Studio Vol.06,2023 

The Abyss-sphere: Double Consciousness of Life in The Practice of Women Artists with Chinese Backgrounds

by Asea Zhanglun Dai
The Art Newspaper China, Issue 107,2023

Almost Collapsing Balance

by Chen Baiqi
On Capsule Shanghai’s  official account on WeChat, 2021

Before Robots, We Had Puppets: Sculptor Liao Wen asks, “Why Do We invent Human-Shaped Things?”

by Meka Boyle,2023

This Young Artist’s Works Capture the Agony and Ecstasy of Being Alive

by Andrew Russeth

New York Times International Edition,2023

Liao Wen: wooden sculptures to investigate the human body and its complexity

by Elisa Russo
Lampoon Magzine 2023


by  Jia Qianfan, Wang Chunchen
Art in America,  New Talent issue,2022


Interviewed by Cai Xiaoqian
OCAT Biennale 2021, 2022

Into the Hidden Side

Artists talk between CHEN Zhe and LIAO Wen,
Moderated by Rashel Li

Cai Jin Space, 2021