Almost Collapsing Balance
  (2020 - Ongoing)

The artist channels her experience of making and performing with marionettes into her sculptures to encompass flexible joints and detachable appendages. Mechanical limits between the joints incarnate a critical state of the mind, granting the sculptures a balanced structure and a static momentum.

︎01 - Don’t Leave

Don‘t Leave , 2020
limewood, silicone, stainless steel
54 x 28 x 90cm

Don’t Leave is the very first work where I combine my understanding of puppetry with sculpture. Each part of the work is movable to enhance the perception of the tension among different parts. The curving spine leans forward, while the neck stretches backward to counterbalance the potency of the former. The silicon part hanging in front is relatively heavy compared to the whole body, which not only adds the tendency to lean forward, but also relates a sense of gravity. The overall body maintains delicate balance through the interaction of the joints - their angle, length and weight. Don’t leave is a manifesto of retaining one’s will against collapse even when suffering from demanding force.

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