Almost Collapsing Balance
(2020 - Ongoing)

The artist channels her experience of making and performing with marionettes into her sculptures to encompass flexible joints and detachable appendages. Mechanical limits between the joints incarnate a critical state of the mind, granting the sculptures a balanced structure and a static momentum.

︎06 - Headwind 

Headwind, 2023
hand-colored limewood, stainless steel
103 x 130 x 81 cm
40 1/2 x 51 x 32 in

In Headwind (2023), the figure ferociously resists against an invisible force that seems to be suppressing, twisting and deforming their body. Their head and limbs deviate extensively from the body's natural axis, creating a strong sense of motion. The technical challenge the artist encountered while creating the work is also what she invites viewers to consider on a metaphysical level: How to maintain stability and balance in extreme movement and change?